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First, thank you so much for your kindness in asking.   You can help by coming to Maui; we enjoy and appreciate your visits and look forward to seeing you.  While you are on Maui though, remember that you will likely be around people who are suffering and getting by in the aftermath of the fire.  Please don't ask people if their homes burned or any other nosey questions. If people want to talk about it, let them bring it up.  For other good info, we recommend this article - an excellent read with suggestions about volunteering and more.  People's needs and situations are constantly changing, so if you have specific questions on current needs or volunteer opportunities, please contact us directly and we'll be happy to share the most current information.

You may also

Donate to the People's Fund of Maui

Donate to the Maui Humane Society

Donate to the Maui Food Bank

Donate to the Lahaina Kokua

YES, all guests participating in scuba diving must complete the diver medical form ahead of time. Some items in your current or past medical history may require that you obtain a physician's release form to participate in scuba diving from our boat.  This link takes you to that form and also includes the form you'll need your doctor to sign if you do need medical clearance to dive.  If a medical release is required, please be sure to email it to us in advance and bring the original to the boat with you.   If you are already on Maui and can't get a hold of your regular physician, you can also check in with Doctors on Call ((808) 667-7676) or other same-day medical care services on island.

We know how it is when you're ready to go, so look in your rearview mirror as you leave the parking lot; you just might see a member of the crew running behind your car waving your fins at you!  But if you realize you've left something behind after you've left the boat, you'll need to come back to the boat to get it.  You can text us to see if we've found your item (we usually have). You can then reclaim your stuff at the boat starting at 5:45 each morning until we leave for a charter.  You can also find us around noon as we return from a charter.  And, if you need something shipped back to you, we can do that too. 

You're just a few clicks or a phone call away from underwater adventures! Dive into our website or dial us up at 808-879-9119, and we'll make sure you're all set. We promise, there won't be any sharks on the line.

You bet your buoyancy! Private scuba, snorkel, whale watch, sunset charters, or even remembrance gatherings – we've got you covered. We'll make the sea your private playground. Just contact us and let us know what you have in mind and we'll get you a quote right away. 

Arriving fashionably on time is always a good rule of thumb. Check your confirmation email for the precise check-in time for your upcoming aquatic adventure. 

Sorry, folks, we're not the "Uber of the Sea" just yet. Arrange your own chariot to the harbor for early morning dives, and remember to do it the day before – sometimes it can be a challenge to get a last minute ride early in the morning!  A local taxi, Lyft or Uber should work just fine.

There are plenty of parking spots for you near Slip 23. And after you park, be sure to make your treasure chest a little lighter by paying for parking. Look for the machines and QR codes—it's like a scavenger hunt on land!  It's reasonable to pay for 5-6 hours for regular charters and 8 hours for Lanai trips.  Here's the link to pay for parking in case you find yourself on the boat and realize you forgot!

YES, get those waivers done ahead of time! When you've got your waiver ducks in a row, the check-in process becomes smoother than a dolphin's glide through the waves. And if you've booked for a group, make sure to share the waiver link with your fellow adventurers. It's like a secret code to unlocking more time on the water and less time on the paperwork. Let's make a splash together!  Need the link to the waiver?  Click HERE.

Nope!  You can forget about the fitting room drama! Just show up at the boat, and we'll have your gear ready faster than you can say "wetsuit."  We provide masks, fins, and wetsuits at no extra cost. BCDs and/or regulator sets can be rented for a mere $20 more. Leave your gear at home if you want to save on some baggage fees, and let us gear you up.  By the way, we no longer have a shop - Maui Dreams Dive Co. is like our cool older sibling – we still love them and recommend them for repairs, rentals and training!

While the Maui Diamond is Coast Guard certified to carry up to 49 passengers or 36 divers, we prefer to keep things enjoyable - with plenty of elbow room! Typically, our charters host around 22 people, creating an intimate and friendly atmosphere. Diver group sizes can range from 4 to 8 divers, ensuring a personalized experience. And if you're the kind of diver who craves undivided attention, we offer private guides for an additional fee of $299/day. It's like having your own underwater butler!

Rise and shine, early birds! Morning charters start at 6:15 a.m. and return around noon. During whale season, we might hang out a bit longer because, hey, whales!  If you've booked a Lanai trip, we still check in at 6:15, and we get back to the harbor between 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

We've got a secret stash – your own dry bin under your seat. Just don't bring your whole closet; we're only out for a few hours!

We've got you covered like a snug wetsuit! We offer juices, sodas, water, and a variety of snacks, from chips to granola bars and trail mix. During longer charters to Lanai, we even roll out the wraps for lunch. Feel free to bring your own refillable water bottle and non-chilly snacks for the journey (no cooler space available). We've got the hydration and munchies part sorted!

Absolutely! Our restroom might just be the fanciest one you've ever seen on a dive boat. We take bathroom breaks very seriously.  And speaking of serious, remember: no paper products in the marine head or else the next person's bathroom break will have to be three steps off the plank!

Yes, absolutely! We like our divers to know their flippers from their fins, so get that certification, and we'll be ready to dive into the deep blue with you. For certification inquiries, we wholeheartedly recommend Maui Dreams Dive Co.  If you're not sure whether you want to get certified or not, you can also try it out with an Introductory Dive!

Absolutely! Newbie divers are like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. If this is your first ocean dive, consider starting with a shore dive. It's like dipping your toes before cannonballing into the sea. This will help you get acclimated to local conditions and get you weighted properly for salt water, which will make your boat dives with us soooooooooo much better.  We can book your shore dives for you with a great local dive shop - just ask!

Divers joining us should be at least 12 years old.  Divers who are 10 or 11 years old have depth limitations that require a private guide.  We CAN provide private guides for an additional fee and with some advanced notice.  Snorkelers must be at least 8 years old and directly supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. 

Yes, some dives come with an experience-level warning label, so read those carefully. And remember, you can't be a rusty old anchor – you must've been diving within the past two years. To meet this requirement, you may take a refresher with a local dive shop, rent gear and take yourself on a nice shore dive, or book a guided shore dive with a dive shop here on Maui. We can also help you with reservations for that.

 Nitrox enthusiasts, rejoice! We have it available for those certified to use enriched air. Just remember to bring your Nitrox certification card; it's your golden ticket to the enriched underwater world.

Ahoy, fellow DIN diver! While we don't always have DIN tanks in our treasure chest, we might just have the magical DIN adaptors hidden in our treasure trove. To be absolutely sure, give us a shout and let's double-check because, you know, those adaptors have a knack for disappearing when we loan them to people. If you're feeling like Captain DIY, bring your own. And if all else fails, you can always rent a regulator from us. We've got options aplenty to keep your underwater adventure sailing smoothly!

Safety is our middle name—Maui Safety Diamond! We're equipped with a standard first aid kit, emergency oxygen, an AED, marine radios, life vests, an EPIRB, and a crew that's CPR and first aid certified. You're in good hands, or should we say, fins?

Always bring your camera to capture those unforgettable underwater moments! While some of our guides might snap a few pics and share the treasure with you, it's not a guarantee. So, bring your own shutterbug gear and be the Jacques Cousteau of your own adventure!

We sure do! After you've enjoyed three dive trips within a single calendar year, you become an official member of our "Frequent Flipper" club.  We just made that up.  But still, this club comes with exclusive discounts for the rest of the year – it's like unlocking a treasure chest of savings! And if you're a local, don't forget to flash your Hawaii state ID; it's your ticket to some sweet discounts. We love our loyal divers!

Tipping, the salty sea tradition that warms the hearts of our crew! While tipping isn't obligatory, it's a great way to say "thanks a million" to the amazing folks who make your underwater dreams come true. On average, divers tip around $20 per person. And here's a little secret: we absolutely adore online reviews that name names. So, if a crew member made your day, let the world know! Whether you choose to tip or not, your happiness is our ultimate treasure.

Ah, the tricky question! The truth is, Maui is the eternal paradise for divers. But if you're feeling like a rebel, consider factors like visibility, water temperature, and whale-watching season (Jan-April). The general answer is that we’ve got great diving year-round.   During the months of August through October, the water is warmer and there are typically not as many people on the island.  For more specifics, just contact us!

 We're like the strict parent of the sea – 48-hour cancellation policy. Cancel or reschedule up to 48 hours before, and we won't break your piggy bank. Inside 48 hours, though, we become the Kraken, and refunds swim away.

If Mother Nature decides to throw a temper tantrum and we can't dive, we'll call it off and offer you a chance to reschedule or get your doubloons back. But remember, rainy days are just nature's way of saying, "I like my divers wet!" So, if you decide to bail because of weather and you're inside the 48-hour cancellation period, there be no refunds or reschedules on this ship.  

Because money stuff is serious, here it is in plain English:  If we can’t take you diving due to bad weather, we will cancel the charter and offer to reschedule or refund you.  Note:  Rainy days are usually not considered bad weather – we’re gonna get wet anyway – so please know that If YOU decide to cancel due to weather, and you’re inside the 48-hour cancellation period, you will not be offered a refund or a reschedule.

The scoop is this:  Rachel and Don opened Maui Dreams in 1999.  They took over the Maui Diamond in 2007 and eventually bought that business too.  And because so many people booked the boat through the shop, and the businesses were both owned by the same folks, we were all just one big happy family.  In the summer of 2023, they sold the shop (Maui Dreams) to Javier and Christina, who have their own boat to fill up with divers!  So, what's the relationship?  Still warm and fuzzy, but we mainly book our own boats now.  And we also still book each other's! Clear as mud?